Zero Gravity
Zero Gravity


Zero Gravity is a travel agency specialized in organizing group trips to the Alps. Our task was to create from the scratch a website for tour operator, which will perform the image-building, informational and sales functions.

Given the extension of the agency offer, messages for travelers, as well as information about the office itself, the biggest challenge was to make the architecture of content that would facilitate efficient familiarizing with the offer for users. For this purpose, complex UX models of entire site were developed, which ultimately made it possible to double the purchasing conversion of tours in this channel.


The main section of the website is a subpage dedicated to specific journeys. To help participants choose the best one, we created a filter search that allows categorization of journeys by month in which they take place, the country where the resort is located, type of transport, as well as variables such as the characteristics of a journey. Depending on the nature of the group, participants can choose journeys dedicated to families, improving winter sports skills or having fun and events.

In this way, we solved the problem that travel agency was struggling with for a long time, which is the appropriate choice of journey by specific participants. Subsequent subpages have been devoted to broader information about regions in which the journeys are held and for news and attractions taking place after the ski slopes are closed.

Website has been connected to Magello system, through which users can buy tickets for selected journeys. The site has been made based on the Bootstrap framework so that the website finally became clear for users who want to learn more about an offer by using mobile devices.

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