Rave Spots

In the holiday season of 2016, the Desperados brand executed sampling activities including tasting both new and classic flavour variants of beer. In connection to this, a series of mini events was organised under the slogan of Desperados Rave Tour.

Our task was to create additional activation, which would also engage users. We decided that if the theme of the event was cool rave spots on the map of Poland, why should those spots not be named by the users themselves? After all, they are the ones who know their cities best! And that is how the idea for Desperados Rave Spots was created!

The premise was simple – to create a map of the coolest spots for a spontaneous rave. To that end, we had designed and implemented a website, through which the users could add to the map the most interesting spots they knew. All it took was to provide a first name, an address, a short description and a picture of the location. After a verification process, the spot was added to the map.

But that’s not all – every weekend throughout the summer holidays, the authors of the most interesting propositions could win one of the forty Rave Packs, each containing 24 Desperados beers, so that they, along with their friends, could get a party started in the spot they had suggested. What’s more, the activity on Instagram allowed people to share photos of their favourite Rave Spots.

The campaign enabled us to create a map of the most interesting rave spots in Poland, and it remains a guide to answering the question of where it’s worth showing up when visiting a new city. Additionally, the activation allowed to engage the target audience, as, after all, its members could themselves show where they have the most fun.

Desperados Rave Spots – be, where it’s worth showing up.

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