Reebok Fitness Camp

In line with Reebok’s slogan, “Be More Human”, the core idea of the event was personal development. Each visitor to the event could choose one of three personal development paths (Mental, Social or Physical) and perform a series of specific exercises.

Our task was to implement technological solutions that would allow the participants of the event to collect points for each exercise performed as part of the chosen personal development path. After analyzing the brief, we came to the conclusion that an RFID-based integrated system would be the best solution.

In order to make it possible, we first had to create a registration platform for participants in the event. In consequence, we were faced with the task of building the entire website of the project. We started by creating UX mockups of the site, which included both its informational and shopping sections. Browsing the site, the user could learn about the attractions at the event, as well as get to know the concept of the competition and the point collection mechanics. The website design included a fixed “buy ticket” button, which was constantly visible in the bottom right corner of the screen. We also developed mockups of the ticket purchase path in order to make it intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring efficiency of the entire process.

Based on our UX mock-ups and the key visual provided by our Client, we prepared the final design of the website. Once implemented, the site allowed users to purchase and register their tickets. During registration, the user was required to provide information including their e-mail address, first and last name, age and t-shirt size, as well as their choice of personal development path.


After coming to the event, participants had to show their tickets generated by the site. In return, they received starter packs, which included a t-shirt in the size they had chosen at registration and an RFID wristband. At the venue of the event, they could participate in 14 exercises – after each of them, they could touch an interactive totem with their RFID wristband to claim their points. One of the most popular exercises was Climb For Selfie – in order to receive points, the participant had to climb 5 meters of rope, hold the wristband up to an RFID reader and take a selfie using the camera installed at the top of the construction before climbing down.
Furthermore an information point was available to participants at all times, allowing them to check how many points they had collected so far by holding their wristband up to a screen. At the end of the day, the winners – the participants who had collected the most points – were announced on the main stage.
The statistics collected during the event allowed us to measure the popularity of each attraction by gender, as well as the distribution of entrances by hour of the day – since each ticket was scanned at the entrance, we were able to create a report showing how many people came to the event in each 15-minute interval.

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