Voda Naturalna & Collagen
Voda Naturalna

Our brief was creating a unique website both for Voda Naturalna & Voda Collagen brands. First of brands is pure mineral water available in to variants: still & sparkling. While the second one – Voda Collagen, is combination of pure Voda Naturalna, hydrolysed collagen with vitamin C and intelligent ingredients in effective portions. Each Voda Collagen type addresses different challenges of contemporary life and has its own target group.

Our work began on composing the content into UX mockups. Hereby the maing page was divided into two sections – one for Voda Naturalna and the second one for Voda Collagen. Within each section we’ve separatd subsections. In the case of Voda Collagen we’ve created 6 subsections dedicated to all types and flavours of Voda Collagen – Energy, Relax, Sport, Beauty, AntiAge and Focus. Due to lack of 3D renders, we had to create them on our own basing on available packshots. The design of each subsection was inspired by its flavour leading colours.

Additionally in each subsection we’ve implemented its description, nutrition facts and vitamin & minerals information. Moreover the website consists such sections as Blog, Media, FAQ, Charity, Product Portfolio, Awards & Certificates, Distribution, About company & Contact.

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